the prediction app for the live game

predict realtime, compete & win money

during live football


Realtime, live action,
demands real time predictions!

Read the game & predict what happens next.

Every Drive is a new contest.


Compete with friends & fans,
show them who's top gun!

See what your friends predict, see what they get right, and then beat them!


Vent, rant, chat!
Just let it all out.

Whether you want to trash talk or compliment, we have just the perfect selection of gifs for you!


Over $200 to be won
in every game!

Every contest offers $10 in cash prizes, with over $200 per game. Plus watch out for specials.


What is Oi all about?

Fantasy is what you do BEFORE the game, but what do you do DURING it?

Oi is the realtime prediction game for live football. It focuses on the most fun aspect of the live game - what happens next. It plays off your understanding of the game and the players and teams, and rewards you for it.

Give me specifics

Oi let's you make real time predictions on what happens next in live football games, compete with friends and fans, and win cash. Using a selection of gifs, you can also vent, rant and chat with friends.

Wait, I win money? How?

Every game is divided into contests - in football, every drive is a contest.

Join a contest, make predictions on what happens next - the outcome of the current down - and if you’re better at predicting than your friends and other fans, you win money. There are cash prizes at the end of every contest.

So, I need to get more predictions right than anyone else?

Yes. But you also need to know that every correct prediction carries different points: the number of points depends on the likelihood of that prediction to happen. So, for instance, predicting a Punt correctly at the 4th down is relatively easier, and hence carrier fewer points, than if you have to choose between a rush or a pass.

How do I win?

You get points for every correct prediction, at every down, and at the end of the drive, the top three ranking users win cash.

How many points do I get per prediction?

Some event points are much lower than others because some events can only be predicted in combination. For instance, touchdown is a solitary prediction, but if you predict yards, you need to predict the yardage gained + the play deployed.

Here's the complete list of predictions and the number of points they carry:

  • TD: 16 points
  • SCK: 16 points
  • TO: 20 points
  • Double: 8 points
  • >10yds: 5 points
  • 5-10yds: 8 points
  • 1-5yds: 8 points
  • No Gain: 5 point
  • Pass: 8 points
  • Rush: 8 points
  • Punt: 5 points
What if more than one user has the same number of points?

The user who gets the winning points sooner, wins. To explain using an example, if 20 pts tie 'A' & 'B' to the top of the contest, and 'A' reached 20 points with a prediction at 14min 30s of the game, while 'B' did it at 12min 26s, 'B' wins.

How much money do I win?

There are more than $200 dollars to be won in each game; $10 in each contest (every offensive drive). Every contest has 3 winners, who get $5, $3, $2, resp.

Also, coming up soon are special games with much higher prizes. Watch this space.

How do I know which games are coming up?

All games are for the coming week show up in the game schedule, which comes up when you launch the app.

Can I get notified about an upcoming game?

Just tap on 'Set Reminder' on any game in the game schedule, and you'll receive a notification when the game starts.

Something didn't work as it should. How do I give feedback?

Sorry about that. These are early days, and we're working really fast to iron out all the bugs, but if something's skipped our eyes, we'd really like to know.

Do write to our founder at and we’ll get right down to fixing it.

I have a great idea for the app. Do you want to know more?

Absolutely! Write to our founder at, and we'll try and make it happen!

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